The Brotherhood of the Snake of Atlantis

Italiano Qui

Illuminati & Luminari – Sun & Moon

When the Earth descended into the third dimension and the ‘Planetary Logos‘ (the soul of the Earth) entered a new cycle of experience, humans reached their zenith in polar consciousness. To this day, the cycle of opposites and the feeling of separation has prevailed.

One could say that when Atlantis and its continent sank, Earth left the fourth and fifth dimensions to enter the realm of the three dimensional material structure. With the descent into the third dimension, the remaining human race lost consciousness’ of the Oneness of all things. Polarity ,awareness took over and instead of harmony, more and more 

opposites entered the consciousness and the actions of .human beings. Even the elite priesthood was affected and they- dogmatically defended their truths. Two major Brotherhoods arose on Earth, both influenced by Shambhala and Agartha, together they are called The Brotherhood of the Snake.

Shambhala was the seat of the Evocation of the Masters of WisdomAgartha was the seat of the Invocation of the Masters of Wisdom. Together they embodied the universal polarity of opposites.

In the outer world, each Brotherhood thought of the other one as the dark Brotherhood, the Black Magicians. The battle between the polarities of the Brotherhoods started incredibly long time ago and reached its peak with World War II. The two opposites, the sun (Illuminati) and the moon (Luminari) face each other and struggle for power, yet neither of them can win. They can only overcome polarity.

Humanity was influenced by these two contrasting areas of wisdom. All true governing bodies were visited, by agents, of these Brotherhoods and were partly initiated into Mankind’s evolution plan.

In ancient times, the Brotherhood of the Serpent divided into the Brotherhood of the Yellow Dragon and the Brotherhood of the Red Dragon. Together they stand for the Brotherhood of the Snake. Both Brotherhoods undertook under the guidance of the Extraterrestrials the spiritual education of the human race – the Yellow Dragon in the East and the Red Dragon in the West. Sometimes we can still find the order of the Yellow Caps and the order of the Red Caps and .their dispersed monasteries in Tibet, which derive directly from this.

The spiritual warriors of, Shambhala and Agartha foretold that at the end of the-descent cycle, when the final prophecy of the spiritual battle on Earth would be fulfilled, they would return to reveal the truth and herald the passing of the Dark Age into the Golden Age.

The survivors of Atlantis were the chosen seeds of the fifth root race from which today’s, mankind originated. Over many thousands of years the maturing humankind went into an deep state of consciousness.

The extraterrestrial carriers of light gave the surviving Atlantean priests exact instructions to found the Brotherhood of the Serpent anew. The third unknown power to influence the Brotherhoods was the Eagle, symbolizing the space Brotherhood. They inspired each Brotherhood and their worldly kings to build empires.

All wars were instrumental to initiate new historical eras and to build mankind’s history. It was the old game when two . parties fight, the third party and its agenda remain hidden. Thus all world leaders were tempted by the third power in order to fulfill the world plan of creation.

The light carriers from the federation, also called the guardians of God, introduced on Earth a secret education program in order to guide the worldly humans in their evolution plan towards completion. At times the Brotherhoods sent messengers to Earth with secret missions. They sought out the spiritual heirs and the worldly leaders of the different epochs and gave them new instructions. The Count of St Germain appeared across several centuries in Europe and finally disappeared during his journey through Asia..

The decline of the. human consciousness after Atlantis was part of God’s deliberate Plan, in order to move the souls towards completion. Nothing could hinder it, because the web of the planet, its basic energy and its electromagnetic radiation increasingly distorted the consciousness of people. Whenever the time was right, they brought new consciousness impulses to the leaders of humankind. This happened through the messengers from the cities of the inner earth, some came as incarnated masters, others as emissaries.

Since the destruction of Atlantis, the Brotherhood of the Illuminati prevailed in the outside world. It started as a Sun supremacy with all its masculine attributes.

All western cultural circles carry the symbol of the snake, the ‘pyramid’ or the ‘obelisk’ which point to the masculine power of the cosmos. Churches and high-rise buildings in our civilization indicate the strength of the male omnipotence. The Sun Masters are the architects of all western cultures and are now striving for their zenith of outer rule through a global world order. They all serve Shambhala and work with the “Red Dragon”, the ‘Red Cap Tibetans’, who are the worldly representatives of Shambhala. The aim of the Brothers of Shambhala together with their worldly leaders the Illuminati, is to establish a global world government. The Brotherhood represents the earth-bound powers, the “Omega pole“, the builders of matter.

World politics and religions have the same objective. They obey some Brotherhood or priesthood using different means to attain this single’ objective. Hence, since the battle in Atlantis, the brothers of Shambhala have led the spiritual elite to build diverse world empires. But what happened to Agartha?

The ‘Moon Masters‘, the Luminari, the Immortals who lived in ‘Agartha’ represented the spirit bound, the Alpha pole. The Masters are the protectors of the spirit. They have whole physical-etheric bodies and can materialize at any time. They are the keepers of the magnetic field of the Earth and of its karma.

They represent the other polarity, the spiritual Alpha powers. They work together with the Masters of Light and they are the Keepers of the Grail (the sacred and integral forces) of the inner cosmos.

The Sacred Fire holds the seven original energies which flow in the seven chakras of the Earth and in every living being, organic or inorganic, as the spirit in matter. As such, it manifests as the building Plan of God for the world’s eras. Agartha exists as the physical etheric city and represents the opposite poles of the Brotherhood. The Masters of the Moon are the cosmic feminine powers, the spiritual strength, the inner life force. During the Dark Age of the last 26,000 years, the seven wise bodies from Atlantis – the Kumaras withdrew to Agartha. They formed the negative pole of the inner world and served the progressing outer humanity as a counterweight. They now have completed their work in the inner world. They knew also that their deliverance would be coming at the time of the change of polarity which would complete the learning cycle for humanity.

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